A day in the life of a Software Tester

A day in the life of a Software Tester


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The Standup

My day starts with attending internal team QA and Scrum Standup calls. In these calls, I basically discuss with team to I get an idea of what scenario(s) I have to test/run, its functionality, test coverage, timelines etc.

Test Runs and Defects

Majority of the time is spent on understanding the Acceptance Criteria on the ticket and testing according to it. Creating defects, re-runs, updating comments on the ticket, quick calls with the developer for clarifications, QA team huddles for helping others on their test runs etc.

Communication with Teams:

Often times, my testing cannot be done in silo. I have to work with other team members, wherever the code is touching and verifying the data on their side. This requires internal Teams Chats and quick huddle. Much of the pre-lunch and early part of the post-lunch time is spent in Conversations ๐Ÿ˜Š

Test Status Update:

I try to document as detailed I can during my testing throughout the day.

Documentation is part and parcel of testing and test-runs. Either functional testing or running scripts, documentation is really crucial for us to consolidate the testing and present to the Business. Any testing done for a ticket, will be updated with a test document. This test document would be either in word document or excel or a report that we pull from Test Rail.

I spend later part of my day usually either finishing up testing and/or finishing up documentation for the test run. I also add comments on all the tickets with the testing status so people are aware of the ticket status.

Meetings and Wrap-up:

Work never ends. I tend to approach work based on priority. If there are any last-minute testing needs, I address them. Else will wrap up my day :)